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What Equipment Do I Need For Paddle Boarding?

Before you get on the water, you’ll need to make sure you’ve got the right kit!

Relax, we’ve got you covered! South Wales Paddle Boarding Club are on hand to talk you through what you need, why you need it and how to use it! We always focus on the joy of paddle boarding but we also ensure your understanding of equipment and water safety is fully up to standard.

For your convenience we do provide SUP equipment for tuition courses, however you will need to hire or buy your own kit if you want to maximise your fun and freedom with paddle boarding! We’ve complied a quick overview of all the equipment you need to paddle board…

SUP Board

First things first you will need a board. Depending on your experience and purpose there are a range of paddle board types available. Click here to view more.


The correct length paddle will depend on what type of paddling you intend to do. If you would prefer to have the ability to change between paddling styles and types, you have the option to either purchase two paddles or an adjustable one.

Buoyancy Aid / Personal Floatation Device

Because SUP boards are classed as a floatation device, for your safety they formally require the user to wear a Buoyancy Aid / Personal Floatation Device.

SUP Leash

For safety and to help ensure you are tethered to your SUP (and maintain close proximity) if you fall into the water. There are different types of leash depending on how and where you SUP.

Rescue Whistle

Rescue whistles are essential when you’re out on the water as they can warn and communicate to others, such as boaters. For example, if a boater is unaware that you’re in the area, you can alert them and assure your own safety.

SUP Fin(s)

Fins will add tracking and stability to your paddle board. Smaller fins are better for manoeuvrability while larger fins are more geared towards stability and straighter tracking.

Wetsuit, Clothing and Footwear

As with any other sport, it’s essential to invest in the correct type of clothing; you should consider every weather and condition that you could encounter.

A well-fitted wetsuit is advised, as it allows for free movement will acting like a second skin to keep you warm. For more information on how to size your wetsuit, you can refer to our wetsuit sizing guide.

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